Oct 8, 2017


Nitrogen. Do you use it in your tires? My take... it's snake oil. I am by nature a bit skeptic - part cynic, so my opinion on Nitrogen is as much cynical as scientific. If you are a NASCAR team and a multi-millon dollar payday hangs in the balance, OK - then eeking out a few feet extra per lap might be a worthy reason to use Nitrogen, but beyond that, I cannot see using it.

Proponents of using Nitrogen in a tire claim since a Nitrogen molecule is larger than an Oxygen molecule, it's leakage rate is lower - so tires maintain their pressure longer.


So, since air is 78% Nitrogen and 20% Oxygen, and since Oxygen leaches from a tire at a faster rate than does Nitrogen, wouldn't it make sense that each time you add air to your tire, you are increasing the ratio of Nitrogen to Oxygen; wouldn't you end up with an increasingly higher ratio of Nitrogen anyway?


Remote Control. I just received a Lippert 5 function receiver that I will be experimenting with in the future. As shown in the graphic, it is compatible with the transmitter used for the Ground Control 3.0 leveling system. This transmitter can independantly (and seamlessly) control two different receivers as shown; the Ground Control receiver, and the LCI 305117.

There is little documentation from Lippert for this receiver, so there will be a bit of experimentation required. But my hope is to use the same transmitter I use for the Ground Control system to control other functions.

However the transmitter can perhaps provide some hint as to what can be controlled. At any rate, I will be doing some reverse engineering on this module in the coming weeks.

Other Projects. I also have one more electronic project up my sleeve. I know, I said I was going to give it a rest for awhile, but this is a very simple project (and you don't really even need a circuit board), but it can be very useful for your RV. It's also not very costly; you can build them for around $5 each (and you might eventually want more than one). So due to it's usefulness and simplicity, I decided to do the project now rather than later.

Other News. Did you know that there is both a mobile and desktop version of www.RV-Project.Com? These days, mobile device users make up about 50% for viewing videos, but only around 10% for viewing the website. So I have not been keeping up the mobile pages up to date as fast as the desktop pages. But that is typical with most websites. The mobile version is often only a subset of their main page. But I will attempt to get everything updated to the same degree in the coming months as I have more time.

Our last scheduled group campout is scheduled for this week (Good Sam Club), and we are trying out "foil cooking". So I just might have to produce a couple cooking videos.

More to come;