August 28, 2017


It has been a few weeks since I last wrote, and man - have things happened during that time frame.

First, I got the accellerometer version of the Cylon Eye project prototyped and circuit boards ordered. When I get the boards, I will make a mockup to test several different accellerometers. Unfortunately, the most expensive $16 accellerometer seemed to work the best, but I did find a couple alternates that were only a few dollars. I need to see if these will work.

I also had my Fifth Wheel modified with new axles and brakes. I upgraded from 4,400lb axles to 5,200lb and 10" brakes to 12" ones. I will produce a video in the future as to why I did this and the benefit I am expecting.

I also found out I have a sidewall leak issue, and will have that repaired soon.

Back to the Cylon Eye. After about a month of operation out in the elements, the eye failed. When I took it apart, I could not find any obvious signs of failure (corrosion, etc). the only issue I saw is one of the three circuit boards was a bit bent. The obvious solution would be to go to a single circuit board, but unfortunately my Eagle Circuit Board software is not licensed for a 9" long board, so unless I spend hunderds of dollars for an upgrade, I will have to work with what I have.

Consequently, I did slightly modify the circuit board layout for the Cylon Eye so the components would lie flat against the bezel better, with less chance of bending the board. I will make the board available on OSHPark after I fully test it. I also recommend using brass tubing rather than wire to assemble the boards together as I believe what happened is the bent board snapped the wire off for the data line.

And to make sure everything else is covered, I am recommending conformal coating spray be used on the board. And finally, I am looking at adding MOV (surge suppressors) for 5V use to the accelerometer driver board for additional protection of the Cylon Eye. All these changes will be incorporated into the instructions as I test and finalize their application.


More to come;