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Review of the 1ByOne Outdoor HDTV Antenna.


While many RVs these days have TV antennas installed from the factory, not everyone has these rigs. People that like to tent camp, have a pop-up, or perhaps have a broken factory installed antenna can use a portable antenna to obtain TV coverage at the campground.

While it might be said that one reason to go camping is to get away from things like a TV (and that is a legitimate argument), there are times when having a TV might be beneficial. For example, with the advent of digital TV, many areas broadcast weather radar information. True, you can sometimes get this information from your smart-phone, we have been in camping locations that had no cell phone data service, but did have TV reception.

The 1ByOne antenna is rather nice for two reasons. First, it is omni-directional, yet has performance that matches or exceeds the typical directional antenna found on many RVs. This is important for digital broadcasts as you don't have to tune the antenna directionally to obtain the strongest signal.

It can be quite difficult to get the optimum azmiuth from a directional antenna with a digital signal, as there is no indication of the strongest signal from viewing the picture quality. A few digital TVs do have a signal strength meter feature that will help, but most do not.

The second reason I like the 1ByOne antenna is the ease of setup. everything is thumbscrew, which means no tools are needed to attach the antenna. As well, I have attached the antenna to a flag pole, roof ladder, and by using a ratcheting strap - even a tree!





Antenna video.







Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017