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Review of the Flagpole Buddy 2.0 mount and 22ft fiberglass flagpole.


A couple of years ago, I bought a 20ft Harbor Freight aluminum flagpole and a RV ladder mount from EEZ-RV. The flagpole didn't hold up more than a year, and the mount was atrocious. The dimensions of the mount were such that it interfered with accessing the roof ladder (it was basically in the way), and the lower mount stuck out the back of the ladder and was a hazard to your body as it seemed I ran into it constantly.

As well, the flagpole and mount shook the heck out of the roof ladder in the slightest breeze. The primary reason I quit using this setup was fear that it would rip the roof ladder off the RV.

The main problem with the Harbor Freight flagpole was the way the sections twisted together. After a year they failed and I ended up using duct tape to keep the sections extended.

Earlier this year I was able to obtain a Flagpole Buddy RV Ladder mount 2.0 (for 2" flagpoles). Unfortunately, the Harbor Freight flagpole, at 2 1/16" dia would not fit into the mount, so I purchased a matching Flagpole Buddy 22ft fiberglass flagpole.

The flagpole mount is made of fiberglass-filled nylon, and retails in the $60 range, so I kind of thought it was a bit on the expensive side. However, it is built fairly well, and includes stainless steel hardware, so you get what you pay for, I guess.




One thing I noticed was the top mount, although it holds the flagpole adequately, is not really "tight" against the flagpole. However, I later noticed that because of this, or perhaps the flexibility of the flagpole, or perhaps both... that I did not experience the vibrations on the RV roof ladder like I did with the first setup. So I am not at all concerned about the flagpole vibrating the screws out of the ladder with this mount.

Also, you can buy replacement mounts and other components at the Flagpole Buddy website. This is important as sooner or later, something is going to get lost or become broken. And you can buy accessories for your flagpole, such as an upgraded gold anodized ball, LED down-lighting, and WiFi antenna mount to name a few.









Flagpole Buddy website.


Last reviewed and/or updated May 30, 2017