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Stromberg-Carlson CC100 RV Cargo Caddy and CC125 Bike Carrier.

I have perhaps an unusual requirement for a RV Bike Carrier. I have two Montague Bikes that are heavy duty folding bikes that actually will fit into the "basement" storage area of my RV. While this is fine if we are planning on staying in a single location for a few days, it becomes somewhat of a pain to disassemble and reassemble the bikes on a daily basis, which would occur if we were travelling to different destinations.


As well, we still have a dinghy (Zodiac style boat) from our boating days, and while the dinghy itself can deflate and fit into the basement storage area, I need somewhere to store my 5hp motor.

I would like to store the motor along with 2 bicycles outside, which means I need a cargo caddy style carrier/bike rack. As well, I would like to throw a few logs on the cargo carrier when we arrive at the campground for our evening campfire.


Having these varying requirements, I settled on a Stromberg-Carlson CC100 RV Cargo Caddy, and the optional CC125 Bicycle Carrier.

Assembly of the Cargo Caddy was pretty much straightforward without many issues. However, this was not so with the Bicycle Carrier.

The instructions recommended mounting the wheel brackets towards the inside, but this would not work as the brackets would interfere with the derailleur gear of the multi-gear type bicycles. So I had no choice but to mount the brackets oriented towards the outside.




These items are available from Camping World and other places, but the least expensive place I found for them was Amazon.Com. When I ordered the items, they came via UPS in about two days, so delivery was pretty quick. When UPS dropped off the big box, it "rattle checked", and when I opened it up, I found that the hardware bag had ripped open, and all of the bolts and nuts were bouncing around inside. Fortunately though, no hardware was lost.





Although you get two tiedown straps, they are not sufficient to hold the bicycles in place so that they do not shift position. Either additional tiedown straps or perhaps a cargo net is going to be required in additon to the ones provided.



The good news is that everything I wanted to carry on the cargo caddy will fit, including two bicycles, my 5hp outboard motor (laying down flat) as well as a few pieces of firewood. I think I may make a custom cover for the items to be stored on the cargo caddy so they are somewhat out of the weather.


Assembly and Installation video.



Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017