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Review of the Comfort Step for your RV.


Recently we were looking to improve the steps on our RV. Our original idea was to purchase a set of TorqueLift scissor steps, but at nearly $600, they are kind of expensive. We then ran across the Comfort Steps by Comfort Ride Hitch Inc. that were half the price. So we went with those as they didn't require permanent installation on the RV, and could be kept if we ever decide to upgrade our RV in the future.

I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it is a really cool idea. But on the other hand, the workmanship is awful. Especially for $300, the step should be built like a $300 step.

The concept is to allow for the non-invasive modification of your RV's entry steps with the addition of a 4th step, as well as creating a 7" stair rise, which is consistant with your home steps.

The issue is the steps arrived somewhat dirty (dirt on the non-skid strips), and most importantly, the threaded holes were drilled into the aluminum haphazardly, and not reflecting on a commercial product.

Also, due to the poor packaging, one of the thumb screws was bent. They just threw the steps into a box without any protective packaging.

There is a video for the installation of the step, so I won't replicate it here - rather, my video will be an overall review of the step. You can view the manufacturer's video here as well as to order a Comfort Step.




The steps are supposed to fit a variety of different stairs; we have Lippert aluminum stairs and they fit OK.

While the steps are well built and solid, there are a few improvements I'd like to see. First, replace the thumb screws with screws having a knob for a better grip, Lengthen the jack screws so they are not at the end of travel when the step is on level ground, and above all - teach your shop crew to properly drill holes.

Oh - and throw in a bit of packaging around the thumb screws so they don't get bent during shipping. Better yet - put the hardware into a plastic bag.

While the Comfort Step idea is really great, they unfortunately botched it a bit when it comes to fabrication... so much so that I am not sure I'd want to purchase their "high-end" 5th wheel hitch if it has the same attention to workmanship.

I suppose though that over the years, these steps will get scratched up and dinged, so their "fit-and-finish" eventually will be a moot point. However, why is it that everything connected with the RV industry is junk?


Comfort Step Review.


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Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017