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Review of the Classic PermaPro Class C Cover.


We all dread that day each year that we have to store our RVs (at least those of us in the northern climates). Unfortunately, the only place I have to store mine is outside, so I use a Classic PermaPRO Class C cover to protect the coach.>

The cover is made of rip-stop nylon, and has a couple of nice features, including straps across the bottom that hold the cover securely. There are also straps on the front and rear of the coach that take up the slack. Further, the cover has individual side panels that unzip and roll up for access.

The cover is waterproof, but there are vents sewn into the top ridge so it can breathe. We typically "crack" open the coach's roof vents a bit for the winter as well (they are under vent covers so they won't get damaged by being left open a bit.



The one thing you don't want to use for a cover is those cheap blue tarps. They do not fit your RV well, so they are prone to flap in the wind - which can chafe the finish. To be truthful, this cover will flutter in the wind a bit, but due to the hold downs, it is not violently flapping in the wind. As well, the blue tarps do not breathe as there are no vents in them, which eventually will promote mold and mildew in the RV.

Although the cover is made of rip-stop nylon, it can still be damaged if allowed to chafe against sharp areas of the RV, such as the ladder. I found I had to put some foam blocks on my ladder to prevent damaging the cover.

The size of my cover is Model 5, intended for coaches 29~32ft. Since my coach is 29'-11", it is the proper size. However, the cover does seem to be a bit long for the coach. I am tempted to downsize to the Model 4 cover (26~29ft), but it might be too small. Thing is, this is a rather expensive cover, so you don't want to be buying more than one.

Classic makes covers for virtually every type of RV, whether it is a motorhome, 5th wheel, toy hauler, travel trailer, or pop-up camper. Depending on your RV, some of the Classic covers come in regular and extra tall versions, so make sure you are buying the appropriate size - both in height and length.

Installing the cover is fairly easy. One item of the kit is a "bean bag" (but without the beans), that has a SRB (Side-Release Buckle) that attaches to the free end of the straps going under the RV. The purpose of the bean bag is to attach the strap to the bag and throw it under the RV so as to (hopefully) come out the other end - alleviating the need to crawl under the RV to deploy the straps.

As stated, the cover has individual panels that can be unzipped and rolled up to facilitate access to the RV with the cover on. This is a very nice feature.

There are two different materials that you can purchase - PermaPRO and PolyPRO III; the latter being less expensive.

The PermaPRO construction is woven Ripstop, while the PolyPro is non-woven. I am not sure what the other differences are, but the PermaPro has a 4yr warranty, while the PolyPRO III is 3 years.

The claim also is that the PermaPRO is more "All-Season" than the other material. Wheather that means Winter or not, I am not sure.




Results. After one year of use, with 2ft of snow on the roof, the cover worked well, with no damage to either the cover or coach. The only real issue is I cannot seem to get the cover packed dense enough to get it back into the bag. So don't thow the box the cover comes in away just yet.

2016 Update

Repurposed Class-C Cover - fits my 5th wheel.


In 2016, I sold my Class-C motorhome and bought a 5th wheel trailer. The cover was always a bit too big for the Class-C anyway. The cover is designed for 29-32ft motorhomes, while my Class-C was 29'-11". Since my 5th wheel comes in at 30'-11", I figured it might be worth a try before I invest $400 into a new cover. Afterall, my only other option would be to sell the cover on eBay for a few dollars.

I am happy to report that the cover fits really well on my 5th wheel, so I don't have to buy a new one.

I am thinking that I will mark the cover before I remove it, so I can modify it to fit better on the nose of the 5th wheel. Removing a bit of material and adding a couple of straps would make the cover fit perfectly.

The photo to the right shows how a factory Classic 5th wheel cover fits. Not a big deal for me to make those changes (we have an industrial sewing machine).


Repurposed Cover Video.



Classic Accessories Website






Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017