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Review of the Lodge 2 Quart Dutch Oven.




Just about the most perfect camping cooking utensel is a Dutch Oven. Almost anything can be made in them, and they work particularly well for cakes, stews, and casseroles. The heavy cast iron construction means there will be an even heat around them. Dutch Ovens can be used in a conventional oven, or directly on a fire pit.



There are two predomanent types of Dutch Ovens; the traditional campfire type with feet, bucket handle, and a coal lip on the lid, and the household type that lack the campfire type features. The campfire style may only be appropriate for campfires as it may not fit into a traditional oven. the household style can be placed in a kitchen oven or on the campfire.

The advantage of the campfire type is you can place coals on the lid - as the lip will keep them from falling off. And having feet, you can place it on a bed of coals. The advantage of the household type is that you can use it in the kitchen or campfire.


Campfire style Dutch Oven.

Household style Dutch Oven.


When using a Dutch Oven in a kitchen oven, you can easily regulate temperature. When using either style on a campfire, there is some skill involved in getting the temperature right. First, you have to be patient and let the coals burn down a bit. Next, you have to regulate the temperature by adding or removing coals from the general vincinity of the oven. This takes periodic inspection of the cooking process of whatever you have in the oven.



When using the propane adapter, you should realize that it will not take long for the campfire to use up all of the propane. The 1lb bottles should only be used when you just want the ambiance of a campfire rather than for warmth or cooking. Otherwise, it will become quite expensive to buy all of those bottles.

So if you are using the campfire on a frequent basis, buy the larger 10lb or 20lb propane tanks, or use the extend-a-stay as mentioned above.









Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017