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Review of the Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill.


I actually bought this grill to replace my Coleman Road Trip grill simply because it was just too bulky and heavy. It was hard to get in and out of the RV, and since most of the time it is just two people, it is really too large for our needs. The fact that I bought it in the first place still makes me wonder what I was thinking.

Since the Fold N Go grill is large enough for up to 3 or 4 burgers, it is still more than enough should we have guests over.

The portability and light weight of the Fold N Go is more than sufficient to meet our needs.





We bought the grill and the nice carrying bag that not only holds two 1lb propane bottles, but also other accessories such as the griddle and grate, which are purchased separately.

Since this review, we purchased these two items as we would like to use the grill as a propane stove for those beautiful mornings when you cook breakfast outside. The griddle is useful for pancakes, bacon, and eggs, while the grate can be used for your morning coffee pot (if you still use the old-fashioned coffee pots).

Of course, if you buy all of the accessories, you can have well over $100 invested in this grill, so you may not want to do so. However, we always value small packages over anything else, and having one item that can be used as a camp stove and grill rather than having to carry two items presents some value in and of itself.


Nicely padded grill bag.


Like any grills of this type, if you get into some wind, it may not work well. However, you can close the top to prevent the wind from blowing out the flame. The grill has a non-stick coating, so you will be using plastic utensils rather than the traditional grill spatula, but it provides for easier clean up.

There are two grill models available; one Black and one Red. The Black version is about $20 cheaper and does NOT include a piezo-lighter, while the Red version does. However, if you buy these grills from Amazon, keep price checking as the prices for both versions of the grill and accessories can vary on a weekly basis - up to 40% in some cases.

The only issue I have had so far is the feet fell off. I remedied that with larger sheet metal screws. The screws they supplied were just too whimpy.


Review of the Coleman Fold N Go.


Fold N Go Accessories.





Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017