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Use a "HitchCam" to aid in hitching your RV.


Using a portable "Hitch Cam" such as the iBall Hitch-Cam can make a tough job much easier. These devices can be used for either a regular trailer or fifth wheel. They essentially give you a remote view of the hitch when you are backing up.

Although my pickup truck does have a backup camera, it is located in the tailgate (dumb idea GM), and since the tailgate must be lowered to hitch a fifth wheel, I get a pretty picture of the ground. Dodge Ram for example has their camera located on the 3rd brake light so it is more adept at hitching fifth wheels.

There are several different hitch cams on the market, and I chose the iBall because of it's frequency is at 5.8Ghz, which is less susceptable to interference with BlueTooth and other wireless devices; wireless camera on the RV, TPMS, etc. One thing I dislike a bit is the gooseneck mount on the monitor, but it does work.

The iBall hitch-cam does have a rechargeable battery for the Camera, and the monitor is powered by an accessory outlet which is part of the gooseneck mount.

The camera itself has a magnetic base so it mounts fairly easily on the fifth wheel's pin box. I also painted a white line on the end of the pin box to aid in alignment of the king pin.





Hitch Cam video.







Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017