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Review of the Camco 58031 Little Red Campfire.


An essential part of camping is the traditional campfire. However, for safety reasons not all campgrounds or RV parks allow campfires. In those situations, a propane-fired "campfire" may be your only alternative. Generally, thos parks that do not allow campfires will allow this little gadget... but check with the park's management to be certain they do.

The Little Red Campfire consists of a removeable round metal top that encloses the "campfire". The campfire itself consists of a 11 1/4" dia metal pedestal with a gas manifold and "logs" (which seem to be made from a fiberous ceramic).

The older versions of the Little Red Campfire had 3 or 4 individual log pieces that you had to fit together to make the "logs", where the current versions use a one piece molded log. Much nicer.

Regardless, the logs are a bit fragile and can be broken. We actually had to return the first unit we bought as the log was busted.



The campfire is rated for 65,000 BTU, which means at full power, it will drain a typical 1lb portable propane cylinder in about 30 minutes. If you are going to use this campfire frequently, a 10lb or greater propane cylinder is recommended. Or if you want a larger "fire" consider the Camco "Big Red Campfire" which has a slightly larger 13 1/4 dia base (but has the same 65,000 BTU rating).

Alternative propane sources include use of a Camco 59123 4 port brass tee (Extend-A-Stay) device that allows use of portable grills and other propane appliances from a motorhome's propane system.




The following options (purchased separately) extend the use of the Little Red Campfire. They include a cook top (with storage bag) and a Propane Adapter allowing the use of 1lb Propane bottles.

Camco 58033 Cooking Top.

Camco 59213 Propane Adapter.


When using the propane adapter, you should realize that it will not take long for the campfire to use up all of the propane. The 1lb bottles should only be used when you just want the ambiance of a campfire rather than for warmth or cooking. Otherwise, it will become quite expensive to buy all of those bottles.

So if you are using the campfire on a frequent basis, buy the larger 10lb or 20lb propane tanks, or use the extend-a-stay as mentioned above.



And yes, you can cook marshmallows on the campfire.










Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017