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A few things about the Andersen Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection.


That sure is a fancy name for a hitch!

I recently borrowed this hitch from a RV'er friend so that I could get my fifth wheel home while I waited for my B&W hitch to arrive. Since both hitches are compatible with the B&W Gooseneck ball, it was just a matter of swapping one hitch for the other.

My overall impression of this hitch was favorable, but I elected to not go with it simply because my RV's manufacturer has not approved this hitch. However, I do know a few people that have them, and they seem to like them as well.

The hitch I used was the steel version, which weighed about 75lbs (the aluminum version weighs about half of that).

The most difficulty I had with this hitch is aligning it to the tow vehicle as I could not see the hitch in the bed. Eventually I bought one of those yellow-ball hitch alignment devices, which helped immensely.

Otherwise, I had no issues with the hitch.

The video below details various dimensions of the hitch in the bed, such as distance in front of the rear axle, distance from the end of the bed, and so on. There are plenty of installation videos on YouTube, but no videos have the information I presented.


Project video.







Last reviewed and/or updated June 14, 2017