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Adding a stone backsplash behind the range in a RV.


My wife has been wanting me to do this project ever since she saw Mark Polk (RV Education 101) do it on his RV in one of his episodes. Mark used Peel & Stick Mosaics that at the time were only made in Canada, so they were a bit hard to find. We kind of dropped it - and luckily too as we sold the Class-C we were going to do the project on. These days, there are several companies making competitive vinyl products.

Then a couple of months ago, we were in our Local Menards and ran across a cool product called Aspect Stone. While most of the backsplash type products are kind of heavy and often require mastic, the Aspect stone weighs about 10oz per square ft. The stone is actually a veneer, only 1/16" thick, and since it is also very lightweight, it is going to be perfect for our project.

We're going to need around 6sq ft, so about 3lbs worth of weight... totally doable.

When compared to the vinyl Peel & Stick, the stone will not melt as the vinyl can. As well, the stone has a very nice texture, and can even be sealed like any other decorative stone. The stone is also peel & stick, so it has all of the advantages of the vinyl product.

One disadvantage however is the stone cannot be bent around a curve - and many people also use the vinyl in their bathroom where there is often a curved wall. Also, the stone is around $15 per sq ft (at Menard's prices), while the vinyl is about $8 per square ft (at Lowe's).

Also, I did not like the butt ends of the stone. I thought it detracted from the otherwise beauty of the stone. But I did figure how to stagger each course, and I show that in the video.


Project video.



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Last reviewed and/or updated June 14, 2017