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Adding finger pulls to the external storage bin doors on my RV.


This is a very simple project you can do in about 15 minutes, but it makes all of the difference in the world. Several of my exterior storage compartments only have a single mechanism to open it - which essentially consists of a key inserted into the Cam Lock mechanism. This is a good way to break off a key - especially since my RV's doors are cheaply made and don't align perfectly. This means the doors stick and are hard to open. Afterall, when you are at the campground, you don't want to bust a key off and not be able to access the camping equipment in the storage bin.

The easy solution is to install a finger pull on each of the three doors I have that only have a single lock holding them closed.

The other doors have "T" handles that provide an ample area to grab onto when opening the door.

Installation is farily easy, but you must pay attention to the orientation of the locking cam when disassembling so that you re-assemble the cam-lock in the same fashion.

Essentially, you remove the lock mechanism, swap out the finger pull for the stock "glamour washer", and reassemble. The only real difficulty is the finger pull might be thicker than the washer, and it might then cause the cam-lock to bind when you attempt to lock the door. I had this issue with my installation, and I was able to grind down the dimple on the cam so to give it adequate clearance.

You don't want to bend the door frame if you can avoid it as that might compromise the weather sealing characteristics of the door.

In the worst case scenario, you may have to buy a Cam-Lock with a different cam (offset, not offset, etc.) or a different length to compensate for the additional thickness of the finger pull.




One caveat if you buy a new cam-set, try to use just the cam as the key may be different. Most RV's universally use the CH751 key, so you may find your existing keys will fit the new lock (but so much for security...).


Door before adding the finger pull.

Pulling the door open with the keys inserted
can break the key off.


A 7/8" wrench and flat tip screwdriver are the only tools you should need, with the possible need for a file or grinder if you have to remove the dimple from the cam.


Project video.





Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017