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Modifying the RV's "picnic table".


One of the things we love about our RV is the built in "picnic table", which in reality is a blow-moulded plastic utility table that becomes a cover for one of the storage bins in the large storage area (called the Mega-Storage). When you are camping, I suppose you can never have too many tables, especially if you arrive at the campground and find you don't have a picnic table at your campsite.

When stored, the table fits into a recessed slot so that it is secure, but unfortunately, it is all but impossible to remove the table. You just about have to pry one corner up with a screwdriver as you cannot get your fingers into the slot between the table and storage bin.





The solution that we came up with was simply a strap made of 1" nylon webbing that fit around one of the side frames of the table, which makes a handle that not only can be used to carry the table, but also to lift the table out of the storage compartment. To assemble, remove the frame piece from the table (there are only 4 screws holding it in) and then fit the strap onto the frame... then re-assemble the table.


Strap fitted to the table's frame.


Now we can simply lift the table out by the strap, which makes this into a painless effort. Simple things sometimes make life so much easier. Afterall, who needs the frustration of a simple task such as removing a table from it's storage location?


With the strap, the table is easily lifted out.


Project video.


Your RV (and picnic table) should make your life easier... not harder.



Last reviewed and/or updated May 9, 2017