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Installing a Cover on an Atwood RV-1735 Range.

This project installs a range cover on an Atwood RV-1735BGP range in my Thor Four Winds 28Z motorhome. My wife wanted a backsplash so for the range in our recreational vehicle, so we decided to buy a cover for the range that would double as a backsplash. After contacting Atwood, they provided me with the proper part number (54106) for the range cover. This cover fits several different models of Atwood ranges, so check with Atwood if you are considering such a project to see if they make a cover that will fit your range.

The cover cost around $65 and it is very easy to install. Installation instructions are included, and it takes about 20 minutes at most. The only tool you need is a screwdriver with a #2 square recess head, but in a pinch, a Phillips head screwdriver should work.

To install the cover, you must remove the range top by pushing back on the top while lifting from the front of the cover.

Next, install the two hinge-halves in the hood kit. There are slots on the back of the range top for this, and the hinges are marked right and left. The hinges are inserted from the bottom, then screwed down from the top.

Once the hinge-halves are installed in the top, simply re-install the top on the range.



The last step is to install the hood. This is done by squeezing the hinge tabs slightly together as you fit them over the hinge-halfs you installed on the top. You may want to refer to the pictorial in the instructions for this.

When you reach your camping destination, the range cover is simple to open and close.


Range hood closed.

Range hood open.



Where to get RV Range Covers


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Last reviewed and/or updated June 12, 2017