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Installing a ScanGauge 2 in my RV using the BlendMount mirror mount system.


The ScanGauge 2 OBD engine parameter and diagnostic display unit is very popular as it provides fuel mileage, select gauges, and diagnostic information for your RV. However, the mounting scheme leaves a lot to be desired, as the manufacturer simply intends for you to velcro the gauge to your dash. Fortunately though, an aftermarket mount is available from a company J28 Design, which is called Blend Mount. It is a mirror mounting system, and the mount is specifically designed to attach the Scangauge 2 to your mirror.

The mounting kit consists of the bracket that mounts to a mirror as well as an extra cable with connection adapter as the cable that comes with the Scangauge may be a bit short for mirror mounting. There are different kits for different vehicles - depending on the mirror style you have, so chose the correct one for your application.

The ScanGauge 2 itself was very easy to install, and running the cable to the OBD connector was very easy on the E-450 "cutaway" (typically used for RV chassis).

I did not have to dis-assemble anything, and was able to tuck the cable into the headliner and "A" pillar without removal. I simply was able to pry the weatherstripping out enough to tuck the cable in behind.


ScanGauge 2 features:

  • Performance Monitor.
  • Select gauges.
  • MPG Fuel information.
  • Trip computer function.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics.

Virtually every vehicle made since 1996 supports the OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics Ver 2) protocol, which the ScanGauge device simply reads.

There are actually three different ScanGauge models available; the ScanGauge 2, ScanGauge D, and ScanGauge E.

  • ScanGaugeD is specifically designed for "pusher" Class A diesel RVs as well as large diesel trucks, and has many additional diesel-only display features. ScanGauge D uses a 9 pin J1939 connector rather than the typical OBD2 connector on most vehicles.
  • ScanGauge E is the fuel-mileage only version of ScanGauge 2. It has a nice feature of a bar-graph, however the package is a bit shorter than ScanGauge 2, so it may not fit properly in the BlendMount mirror mount system.

The BlendMount mirror mounting systems includes a collar that mounts onto mirrors with a cylindrical shaped stem, and will not fit all vehicles. It will, however fit the E-Series RV chassis types.

As shown to the right, if your mirror does not look like this one, the BlendMount mirror mount system may not work in your vehicle.

If you are lucky enough to use the BlendMount, it does not detract from using the ScanGauge. While it is perhaps further away than if you mounted the gauge on your dash, you can still easily reach the buttons and view it. All in all, it is a pretty neat idea for mounting the system.



One item I purchased but did not use was a wire cover for the wire from the mirror to the headliner. I found that the cover did not work well for Ford mirrors, and ended up not using or needing it. I may try and glue it on in the future though.



Installation Video.





ScanGauge website.
BlendMount website.


Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017