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Installing a Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar in a Recreational Vehicle.

One of the nice things about our Thor Four Winds 28z motorhome is the low entry door level. This has become popular with some brands of RVs as of late, with more and more Class C RVs going to this kind of arrangement. However, this does present a problem when exiting the coach as the door is fairly low. To alleviate this problem I installed a screen door cross bar, which makes it a lot easier to open the door. It's the little things like this that can enhance your camping enjoyment.

When installing the door, pay particular attention to clearance issues on both sides of the door. As well, I have a grab railing mounted to the right-side of the coach, which also needed to clear the door cross bar I was installing.

Installation is fairly easy as the door cross bar is adjustable width-wise, so it will fit many door sizes. Two screws from the backside hold the door's width in place after you have determined the proper width.

Then it is just a matter of drilling 4 holes in the door to mount the bar. Procedurally, I highly recommend using a couple of clamps to hold the bar in place as you drill the holes. Any time you drill metal, there is a chance the drill bit can wander on you. The best way to prevent this is to use a lot of pressure against the bit and turn the bit very slow, until you get a dimple in the metal. Once this is done, then let up on the pressure and drill as you would normally.







Installation Video.







Part Numbers

  • Black Cross Bar: 42183
  • White Cross Bar: 42186


Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017