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Installing an Oxygenics BodySpa RV 26181 shower head in a Recreational Vehicle.
(Thor Four Winds 28Z Motorhome)

Did you ever want a bit of campground luxury in your Recreational Vehicle? Well here is the answer; install this shower head. Oxygenics made a RV version of one of their most popular shower heads specifically for the camper, so you can take a bit of luxury with you in the back woods. Who knew camping required such conveniences. Caution though: you still only have a 6 gallon water heater.

As far as I can tell, the major difference in the RV version is the addition of a on-off valve so that you can conserve water without having to turn the faucet off each time (which also means your hot/cold mix would be changed).

This is a very easy project to install, and it is something the first-timer attempting to install a project could do. You have to drill a couple of holes, but potentially you could use the existing holes in the shower stall if you remove an old shower head. Alternatively you could use the double sided tape provided in the kit and not have to drill any holes.

The instructions are not quite clear though. You get two extra rubber O-Rings and the instructions don't tell you to put them into the hose ends, but if you don't, you will have severe leaks. As well, the diagrams show using (included) plumbers tape to connect the shower head to a household type shower supply line, and not the typical fixture you would find in a RV. You probably don't need to use the tape.

One change I did make though is I put the on-off valve at the base of the shower fixture rather than at the shower head as recommended in the instructions. The simple matter is I did not have a lot of height above the shower head's mounting location since I used the same location for the head's mount so I could cover up the old screw holes. So if I attached the on-off valve to the shower head, it would have been all that taller above the head's mounting bracket.

Otherwise, installation is simple, and just a matter of disconnecting the old shower head's hose and connecting the Oxygenics hose.








Installation Video.







Part Numbers

  • Chrome Shower Head: 26181
  • Nickel Shower Head: 26481
  • White Shower Head: 26781


Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017