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Installing SteadyFast RV Stabilizers.


This project started out with my purchase of a set of JT's Strong Arms stabilizers. However, being that my trailer is a "lightweight", it is lacking some specific items - such as sufficient bracing between the landing gear. That means I would need to add a 25lb 2x2 steel frame between the landing gear to have a place to mount the center attachment of the Strong Arms. Same with the rear braces as well.

So I put the JT's Strong Arms in the garage and I purchased a tripod. I kind of knew about the Steadyfast system, but really did not like it as it looked "dorky", being that there are only three stabilizer arms, and the arms are bent at the top. Goofy is not cool!

However, after about a year of hauling the tripod in and out of the truck - not to mention scratching the bed and pinching my fingers - I just had about enough of the tripod. So I took another look at the Steadyfast system, especially since it is significantly lighter (20lbs vs 42lbs) and does not require a center brace (the Strong arm would have required two - at 25lbs each). So given a weight savings of over 70lbs, I decided to go with the Steady fast. Well if it looks goofy, I'll forgive that if it works.

The Steadyfast system is a small time manufacturing operation, but I was impressed with the quality and workmanship. It is a bit on the expensive side for what you get, especially when compared to the JT's, but economy-of-scale is likely working here.

The system is available in several different configurations:

  • A. Steadyfast 2 Footplate System - for all trailers that does not have a power leveling system.
  • B. Steadyfast 4 Footplate System - for all trailers that does not have a power leveling system.
  • C. Steadyfast Power Leveler System - for all trailers that has a four or six cylinder jack Power Leveling System.

It should be noted that the primary difference between Kit A and B is the additional two "T" shaped foot pads. The additional two foot pads have no stabilizing functionality - they are just for asthetics (so all foot pads match).

Since I have the Lippert Ground Control 3.0 system on my RV, I purchased kit C.

Instructions... there are a lot of instructions - too many in some cases, and you will have to take some time to read them. It took me approx 8 hours to complete the install, from opening the box to completion (of course, I video taped the installation which took a bit longer, as well as having to run to the hardware store).

The kit is supplied with 5/16 self tapping bolts, which I don't particularly like. So off to the hardware store to purchase Grade 5 bolts (Grade 5 so I could use my impact wrench without fear of busting a bolt).



Farm stores, such as TSC (Tractor Supply Center), Family Farm and Home, and Rural King often have better deals on hardware as they are sold by the pound. Big box stores like Home Depot (the worst when it comes to hardware), Lowes, and Menards sell hardware by the piece, which is significantly more expensive.


The most difficult part of this installation is determining where to locate the lock down brackets. You will have to ensure you have clearance between the bracket and footpads, in both the jack up and down configuration.

As well, there are distance limitations between the jack pads and lock down brackets, so consult the instructions for how far you can mount things. The different kits (A/B, vs C) have different dimensions.






Tools. Well, you are going to need a few power tools. I highly recommend a corded drill, such as the Milwaukee Hole Shooter. You will be drilling into a heavy steel frame and a cordless drill may not have the power to drill 12 holes. Safety glasses are also necessary.

I also used a 1/2" impact driver for the self-tapping bolts. No wimpy tools will work here.





One thing worth mentioning is that JT's Strong Arms are also a valid solution - I just could not use them in my situation. They are available in three configurations:

  • 191023 - for Fifth Wheels with 58" or more between front landing gear.
  • 191024 - Short version for Fifth Wheels with less than 58" between front landing gear
  • 191025 - Travel Trailer version.

SteadyFast Video


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Last reviewed and/or updated July 17, 2017