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Reclaiming storage space under the sink.


Seems my RV has a whole lot of areas that could be used for storage, but they have been blocked off. This area under the sink is one such area. The upper shelf can be used for storage, but the lower shelf has been blocked. I am not sure why the manufacturer did this... perhaps it is just another el-cheapo cost cutting move, or perhaps they did not want obstructions such as a can of beans rolling into the slide out area. You don't want that kind of trouble when you go camping. At any rate, we are going to reclaim this area for storage.




Using my trusty router table, Incra LS positioner, and box joint template, creating box joints was very easy. When using 1/4" plywood, there can be some tearing of the wood with such a procedure, so both a backing board and one in front were used to minimize tearing.


Baffle construction using box joints.

Completed Baffle.


Once the box joints were cut out, it was a simple matter of just gluing the pieces together and painting the baffle. Gorilla Glue was my glue of choice as it is a very strong glue, and combined with the incredibly strong box joint, the result are very strong corners.


Storage area to be reclaimed.

Completed project the baffle installed.


The baffle fits into place and is simply held with a couple of screws. I made the baffle easily removeable should there ever be a need to work under the sink area. Now we can put a week of can-goods in a previously unused storage area, and not worry about that can of beans rolling into the slideout mechanism when we get to the campground.


Project Video.


  You can build this Router Super Station I used in the project.

Router table components used in the project.
(of course, you can make box joints in less expensive ways)



Less expensive box joint construction options.



Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017