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Adding cargo tie-downs to the RV.


It seems that every camping trip we go on, we end up carrying tons of stuff. Who knew that campground activities required so much stuff. We have a huge cargo area (known by RV'ers as a basement); the manufacturer calls it "Mega Storage". The cargo area is so large that items can shift while underway, so I decided to add some tie-downs (D-Rings) to the floor of the cargo area to facilitate securing the contents. The tie downs I am using are stainless, but I probably could have used standard zinc-plated versions as the cargo area is relatively dry.

I installed 12 D-Rings more or less equally spaced around the perimeter of the cargo hold. I did not add tie-downs to the center of the cargo area as I did not want cargo snagging on the D-Rings.



I oriented the D-Rings so that they could use a standard 4'x 6' cargo net or using bungee cords individually without the net. This gives me maximum flexibility in loading and securing cargo in the storage area.

Installing the D-Rings was a pretty difficult task as the center 4 tie-downs had to be installed into the frame, and the rear-most two tie-downs required standoffs to ensure the plastic bin did not crack. The 8 tie-downs on each side were almost as difficult as a piece of angle iron on top, and a square steel tube on the bottom had to be drilled through. All of this took time, and resulted in several broken drill bits.

I started out the drilling process with cordless drills, but had to eventually go to my Milwaukee "Hole-Shooter" (1/2" corded drill) to finish the job. As flexible as cordless drills are, heavy-duty drilling is not a good task for them.

The 4 center D-Rings were attached with machine screws and bolts, while the 8 side D-Rings were installed with self-tapping metal screws, as I could not get inside of the frame to attach bolts for these D-Rings.


Stand-off Detail.


One thing I found with the D-Rings is you have to grind down the weld of the ring itself or it will bind when secured to the deck.


Installation Video.







Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017