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Installing a Ross RV Innovations Window Kit.


My 5th wheel trailer has a rather distinctive floor plan. As a result, there are no windows in the main salon area that look out onto the "campsite" or "curb" side of the trailer. There is a window in the back by the sofa, but it is all but blocked from the entry view by the slide-out. There is of course a window in the door, but it is frosted glass and you cannot see anything through that window either. Finally, there is the bedroom window, but who wants to spend the whole day in the bedroom.

We ran across a replacement window made by Ross RV Innovations that solves this problem - it is a piece of clear (smoked) glass that allows you to actually see who is on the other side of the door - problem solved. There is really nothing special about the kit, it's just a piece of tempered glass and a bit of foam gasket material... and for that, you have to shell out $125 or so. I know of a couple RV'ers that refused to pay that price, so they had a glass shop cut a piece of tempered glass (21.5"x12.5") for about $40. You need to use tempered/safety glass in this situation - a standard piece of plate glass is dangerous.

I bought the kit though from Ross Innovations simply because it was their idea, and I wanted to give credit where due - even if it was a bit costly. As well, some of my readers might rather go with a fully ready kit without having to find someone to cut the glass.

There are several videos on the Ross RV Innovations website that take you though the installation, so I will not repeat that here. Instead, I did an overall review with my video.


Project video.



After installing this seemingly over-priced product, I discovered AP Products Slim Shade. It is about $40 less, and includes a new glass window, new frame, and an intergal shade. Seems like a much better deal for essentially the same item. I also see that you can buy the frame and shade as separate items. I wonder if I can adapt those items to the Ross window? Might be a new project.



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Last reviewed and/or updated June 16, 2017