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Repairing and Upgrading the RV's Battery Box.


Yea, one screw will hold down a 40lb battery... Not!


I don't know what it is with the RV industry; whether it be incompetence or arrogance, dealers don't seem to care enough to do a good job. One example is the battery box of my new fifth wheel. Typically, the dealer must install a battery in the trailer when it is first sold, and this was the case with my RV.

Unfortunately, the dealer simply "slapped at" the installation, and in my view, did a lousy job. They semi-secured the battery box with one screw (yea, that is going to hold). For them to have done it correctly, they would have had to properly route the cables, then the battery box would have fit properly, and they could screw it down with several screws - which would keep the battery from bouncing out of the box.

But far be it for a dealer to actually take a bit of pride in their work and do a good job. Afterall, what can we expect for a mere $130 per hour the dealer charges for labor. Sometimes these guys deserve a "dope-slap".

So I am going to fix the "mess-up" (I'd like to use a more powerful superlative, but I won't), as at this point, I am not sure I want the dealer even touching my RV. Besides, I plan on installing a Flow-Rite Quik-Fill kit so I can keep the battery water level topped off without having to remove the cover.




Repair Video.





Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017