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Painting the range hood vent on my RV.


I hate an ugly looking RV... at least I hate it when my RV looks ugly. Fact is, many of the plastics used on RVs are not UV protected, so they tend to fade over time - sometimes in just a year or two. The best recourse is to paint these surfaces.

Such is the case with my RV's range hood vent - it has yellowed in just 3 years, so I am going to paint it. I will be using one of my favorite paints - Krylon Enamel. While the standard paint does not have any UV inhibitors in it, it at least protexts the plastic surfaces better than not painting and will not yellow with age. And you can buy a Krylon UV resistant clear coat, which can be applied over the base coat.

Proper surface preparation is essential, or you may get blotching areas or areas where the paint won't stick or dry. Just a good wash down with soapy water, followed by a rinse of clean water should be enough.



It should go without saying that you need to mask off the area as you will get overspray on your nice glossy fiberglass sides othewise. And for goodness sake - don't paint on a windy day, or you will have a mess.







It's little maintenance tasks such as this that can keep your coach looking new over the years.


Maintenance Video.





Last reviewed and/or updated June 15, 2017