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Hard to find RV parts

When doing research for improvements, repairs, and projects for my RVs, it is sometimes hard to find a particular part - especially these days, when often many parts are made in China.

I will add an item to this page whenever I come across a hard-to-find part that might be useful in your ventures. I don't keep an inventory of these parts, nor do I make any guarantee to their suitability in your application. I also do not review their inclusion on this list so I do not know if their availiability changes over time. I just list them as I find them.


Furrion Solar Connector.

This is the connector that is used on the Furrion Solar Port that many RVs come with these days (Grand Design, Forrest River).

Mfg: CnLinko
P/N: LP20-C20PE-01-001
Source: eBay
Source: Amazon

D&W Super Tube.

Parts source for the Super Tube as well as doors and brackets that seem to break off. Also different length tubes are available.

Mfg: D&W
P/N: Various
Source: Order directly from Mfg Website

Spray-Away Hose Adapter

Standard garden hose adapter for the Spray Away Spray Port. This is for the exterior hot/cold faucet found on many RVs that have the blue coiled hose or plastic gooseneck spout.

Mfg: D&W
P/N: Quick-Connect Adapter
Source: Order directly from Mfg Website

Plumbing Cheater Valve

These are found on many RVs and are typically located in the sewer line under sinks. They provide venting for hard-to-drain sinks. Unfortunately, they come loose or fail, which often results in a sewer smell in the RV. However, there are many potential sources for RV smells, and this may or may not be the culprit.

Mfg: Oatey
P/N: 39012
Source: Amazon.com (Also locally at Lowe's, Menard's, etc.)

Minature SPST Rocker Switch

These are often found in the electrical panel consoles in RVs, especially those made by KiB. They are SPST (Single-Pole/Single-Throw) switches rated for 5Amps. They push into a 0.51" x 0.76" square hole (verify the opening as many switches are a different size).

Mfg: Carling
P/N: ?
Source: Amazon.com

Minature SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch

These are often found in the electrical panel consoles in RVs, especially those made by KiB. They are sometimes used for controlling slide outs. They are SPDT-Momentary (Single-Pole/Double-Throw Spring loaded to off) switches rated for 10Amps. They push into a 0.51" x 0.76" square hole (verify the opening as many switches are a different size).

Mfg: Generic
P/N: Generic
Source: Amazon.com

4.5" Diameter recessed LED Light Fixture

These are the spring-loaded recessed light fixtures, made in China with different brands and various similar part numbers.

Mfg: QAI
P/N: LFST4-012
Source: eBay

Solid Surface Sink Inserts

AIA Countertops are OEM for the solid-surface sink counter tops for many RVs. Chances are they may be able to make you a set of sink inserts for your RV.

Mfg: AIA Countertop
P/N: N/A - Custom Made
Source: AIA SolidSurface.Com - RV Division

G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Sheets (FRP/GRP)

I have used this stuff in several projects. It makes for a nice foundation for structural components. While you can obtain it in several different thicknesses, I typically use the .060/1.5mm thick sheets (1/16"). And a 2sq ft piece will last a long time.

Mfg: Generic
P/N: N/A
Source: eBay
Source: eplastics.com

Wirecon Outlets

Many if not most RVs these days are wired with IDC (Insulation Displacement) "Wirecon" (Hubbell Trademark) outlets. These are integrated all-in-one outlets that don't require a separate wiring box. You will not find these things at your local Home Depot as they are exclusive to the RV/Mobile Home industry.

Mfg: Hubbell and others
P/N: varous
Source: eBay

Molex 42816-0212 Connector Housing

This housing is used to connect the power wires to the control chassis for the electric jacks for Lippert's Ground Control 3.0 leveling system. Note that the contact pins, if required, must be ordered separately.

Mfg: Molex
P/N: 42816-0212
Source: Digikey.Com
Source: Mouser.Com

35A Maxi Fuse

These sometimes hard to find fuses are typically used in Lippert's Ground Control 3.0 system. They are the main fuse that protects each motor, so the typical system will have 4 to 6 fuses.

Mfg: Littlefuse
P/N: 0299035.ZXNV
Source: Digikey.Com
Source: Mouser.Com

Hitch Light

Many RVs these days have some sort of clearance lighting to aid in the night-time hitching of the RV. My RV for example (Grand Design Reflection 29RS) has one of these 9 LED light strips (although it has a clear bezel rather than a black one).

Unfortunately, even after a year, the clear bezel in the light strip has yellowed. Worse, the only source of this part is via Grand Design's dealer network, and expect to pay in excess of $40 for one. I have found these replacement strips for $10 for two. They are direct replaceable so you should have no problems in upgrading to them. And I think they look better than the clear ones anyway.

Mfg: Generic Made-in-China
P/N: N/A
Source: Amazon.com

3M Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC)

These connectors have been found in the brake lines of many RVs, and are often included in Lippert replacement brake assemblies.

They can handle 14~22AWG connectors and have gel filled contacts so they are waterproof.

Mfg: 3M
P/N: 314
Source: Digikey.Com
Source: Amazon.com


Last reviewed and/or updated Nov 2, 2017