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Michelin Tire Recall

I recently received a letter from Michelin announcing a tire safety recall for a popular size of tire commonly used on RVs. The recall concerns only one size and type tire:

Tire Description DOT Sequence DOT Production Period (inclusive)
Michelin LTX M/S LT 225/75R16 115/112 LRE B3JH AKEX 0210-2512

This is a voluntary recall and Michelin has stated that tread loss and/or rapid air loss have been experienced on a small number of these tires. You can read about the recall here:

Michelin Tire Recall Notice

To determine if you have these tires, the tire identifier, DOT sequence, and DATE CODE must match. To determine the date sequence, the 4 digit date code provides the week (first two digits), and year (last two digits). Therefore, the date sequence of the affected tires (0210-2512) indicate tires manufactured between the 2nd week of 2010 and the 25th week of 2012.

Note also that the tire DOT code and DATE CODE are only imprinted on one side of the tire. So if you have dual rear tires, these codes will be on the back-side of the tire (as the dually outside tires are reversed).

Since my motorhome was manufactured in 2011, it falls within the dates of the recall, and upon checking my tires, sure enough - they are affected by the recall. So it is off to the tire shop to have 7 tires replaced (6 tires and a spare).

My tires have the DOT sequence: B3JH AKEX and DATE CODE: 4010

I have also noticed the beginning of some dry rot as well. I am not sure if this is the reason for the recall or not, but I'll feel better knowing I have new tires. Shame though, as these tires only have 5,800 miles on them and otherwise (other than the dry rot) they look new.