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Leveling your RV.


One of the first tasks you will need to do when you arrive at the campsite is to level your RV. Even with an automatic leveling system, you will want a backup method of ensuring level as the automatic systems occasionally go kaput.

The obvous simple solution is to use a spirit level. However, the sad truth is most RV's don't really have a true level reference. For most RVs' you can put a level in different areas of the floor and get a different reading!

Some people suggest using the accelerometer feature found in most smart phones, along with a leveling app to level the coach. However, I recommend against using those as I have found them to be a bit inaccurate - especially that they have a hysteresis problem that affects their accuracy.

Another idea is to purchase an aftermarket RV spirit level that mounts on the exterior surface of your rig. These typically come in two pieces - one for the front-back level, and one for the side-to-side level. They are self-adhesive so you can stick them on the exterior.

The advantage here is once you are satisfied the rig is level, you then stick them to the outside surface of the RV. That way, each time you re-level the RV in the future, you will be using a known level reference point.

The last type of levels to be discussed is the large Acculevel style levels. These are rather large, and you can view them from your rear-view mirror while you are in the truck cab. This allows you to move the RV around until it is level.

This level can be used with a conventional travel trailer or 5th wheel. But if you want to use it with a 5th wheel, you typically have to buy an optional mounting kit to attach the level to your pin box.



Hopkins RV Level.




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Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017