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WWMD - What Would McGuyver Do?

If you are reading this page, you are either curious, or in need of a quick fix to a problem. This is why I coined this page - What Would McGuyver Do? Here are quick remedies to minor problems you may encounter with your RV.


How to start a Honda EU2000i generator.

I owned this generator for 5yrs before realizing I was attempting to start it incorrectly. It was always hard to start and more than often, I resorted to removing the spark plug and putting a bit of gas directly into the cylinder to get it to start.

I then discovered that you have to prime the generator by s-l-o-w-l-y pulling on the starter cord until it "catches", then smoothly and slowly, pull it the rest of the way. Do this a couple of times before the starding pull.

In contrast, I was simply hauling back and yanking on the starter cord, which is not the correct approach.



How to mix a cake without a wisk.

My wife wanted to bake a cake on a recent camping trip, but she forgot to bring along a method of mixing the batter (mixer or wisker).

We did try a fork, but it was taking forever. Then I came up with idea of jambing a plastic fork into the end of my power screwdriver/drill and viola! a cake mixer.

I mean afterall, what is a cake mixer but a power drill and a wisker?

This year, my wife is gonna get a new Porter Cable "Cake Mixer" for her birthday.



Improving a cutting board.

We had this Corian cutting board in our RV for food preparation. However, like most RV's we have little precious space for such things, and this cutting board always hung over the side.

This practice came to an end when I bumped it and launched several tomato slices across the RV.

I put my McGuyver "instincts" to use and just lopped one corner off the cutting board. Now it firmly sits on the counter top without any launching pad tendancies.



Hitch Camera.

Anyone that has ever hitched a trailer or fifth wheel knows how difficult it can be. Fortuneatly, newer tow vehicles have backup cameras that can help.

However, some vehicles, such as my GMC truck, have a backup camera in the tailgate. This is utterly useless when hitching a fifth wheel, as when the tailgate is down - you get a pretty picture of the ground.

To solve this problem, I use an "iBall" portable hitch camera system. I really like it, as it allows me to see what I am doing via the monitor. I find that most times, I can get the fifth wheel hitched the first time.



Starting a fire (with improperly seasoned wood).

Sometimes when you buy wood at the campground, it is not properly seasoned... that is to say, it's still got a lot of moisture in it. It just makes it all that much harder to start a fire with such a predicament.

One easy solution is to use "Fat Wood" sticks, or other similar types. You can even make your own starter using egg-crates, sawdust, and wax.

Simply, divide the egg crates into "1 egg" sections (use the fiber cardboard ones, not the foam ones), and fill them with sawdust, and finally pouring wax into them. They will start almost any campfire.



Use a Storyboard to aid in parking your RV.

It can be difficult to judge where your slideouts will extend when you are jostling your RV into your campsite.

Make a Storyboard stick with markings on it for your slideouts to aid in determining your location.

That way, you (or a parking assistant) can rapidly determine if that fence post, tree, or power pedestal is going to interfere with your slideouts.


Last reviewed and/or updated May 10, 2017